Why use an A grade electrician?

An electrician is a person who is able to deal with electrical wiring, electrical tools and other stationary machines. In Australia, a special electrician’s license is allotted to the electricians and after that, they are able to handle all kinds of electrical installation work in their country without any supervision. If an electrician wants to get a contract for the installation of electrical work and stationary machines, he would need to be registered as an electrical contractor.


Before you know the reason to use an A grade  electrician, you must know the difference between A grade and B grade electrician. Class B electricians are capable of dealing only with the plug in appliances for example computers, coffee machines, Television and other stationary machines. All of these appliances must be rated to 230v. The A grade electrician deals with all of the appliances which are permanently connected to main supply. These appliances include switchboards as well as internal wall cables. The B grade electrician is not capable of dealing with switchboards and other internal wall cables unless he has got the license of A grade electrician.

If you are planning to hire an electrician which is capable of solving of your issues related to electricity, you better hire an A grade electrician. They are highly qualified and has got 4 years of education and training related to this field. Not only this, they also had to get an experience of 7 years in this field in order to be called an A grade electrician. There is no doubt in the fact, that they will charge you more than B grade electricians in Port Melbourne and other parts of Australia but their work is satisfactory and claim Excellency.

An A grade electrician works on independent basis, they do not need to work under anyone supervision. So you may hire them at their own terms and condition and you do not have to talk to any specific company to give you an electrician services and wait for a long queue. Especially, if your work is technical and requires complicated skills, getting an A grade electrician is the only wise option. An A grade electrician would have the contractor’s license so they can also run their own business so next time you need a good electrician, do not forget to check their contractor’s license.


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